Previous Lectures


November 17, 2022
György Buzsáki, New York University
November 03, 2022
Eran Halperin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
October 06, 2022
Damien Fair, University of Minnesota
June 02, 2022
Steven Strogatz, Cornell University
May 26, 2022
Josh McDermott, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
March 10, 2022
Michael Strevens, New York University
March 03, 2022
Jennifer Richeson, Yale University


October 07, 2021
Kent Berridge, University of Michigan


February 13, 2020
Michael Dickinson, California Institute of Technology


December 05, 2019
Joseph Henrich, Harvard University
November 21, 2019
Diana Tamir, Princeton University
October 24, 2019
Randy Buckner, Harvard University
September 26, 2019
Michael Tomasello, Duke University
June 06, 2019
Iain Couzin, University of Konstanz and the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany
March 14, 2019
Daphna Shohamy, Columbia University
February 21, 2019
Michael J. Ryan, The University of Texas at Austin
January 18, 2019
Charles Spence, University of Oxford, UK
Jozef Youssef, Chef and Creator, Kitchen Theory
January 17, 2019
Charles Spence, University of Oxford, UK


December 06, 2018
Mandyam V. Srinivasan, Professor, Queensland Brain Institute and the School of ITEE, University of Queensland
November 15, 2018
Michale Fee, Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
November 08, 2018
Saul Kato, Assistant Professor, Neurology and Physiology, UC San Francisco
October 18, 2018
Hany Farid, Professor, Computer Science, Dartmouth University
June 07, 2018
Ned Block, Silver Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Neural Science , New York University
February 22, 2018
Albert-László Barabási, Professor of Network Science, Northeastern University
January 11, 2018
Nicholas Carr, Writer, Harvard University


December 07, 2017
Helen Fisher, Senior Research Fellow and Chief Scientific Advisor to, Indiana University
November 16, 2017
John Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine and of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University
November 13, 2017
Ned Block, Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Neural Science, New York University
October 28, 2017
Colin F. Camerer, Professor of Behavioral Economics, Caltech


November 17, 2016
Elizabeth (Liz) Phelps, Professor of Psychology and Neural Science, New York University.

Distinguished Fellows

No lectures scheduled at this time.