Addicted to Love: The Drive to Love, Who We Choose, and the Neural Foundations of Romantic Happiness and Love Addictions

December 07, 2017
Helen Fisher, Senior Research Fellow and Chief Scientific Advisor to, Indiana University


Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist, is Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, Visiting Research Professor and Member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in the Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University, and Chief Scientific Advisor to She uses brain scanning (fMRI) to study the neural systems associated with the sex drive, romantic love, attachment and long-term partner happiness. She has written six internationally best-selling books on romantic love and future sex, including: Why We Love (Holt, 2004); Why Him? Why Her? (Holt, 2010); and Anatomy of Love (2nd ed., W.W. Norton, 2016). Fisher is currently studying the biological basis of personality and is a pioneer in examining the neurochemistry of business team-building, innovation and leadership. Dr. Fisher has been on the national and international lecture circuit since l983 discussing the evolution of human sexuality, romantic love, marriage and divorce, gender differences, and the future of men and women in business and family life. She is a TED All-Star and a recipient of the American Anthropological Association’s Distinguished Service Award for her work at presenting anthropological data to the public.