Kavli Brain Showcase

Kavli Brain Showcase
Noon-6 pm
Friday, January 18, 2019
Loma Pelona Center
UCSB Campus

The SAGE Junior Fellows — Caitlin Taylor (PBS), Mary MacLean (PBS), Eyal Karzbrun (Physics) and Dhananjay Thakur (MCDB) ― form a selected group of postdoctoral fellows, whose goal is to strengthen multidisciplinary research on the mind and brain at UCSB. As part of this effort, they are organizing the Kavli BRAIN showcase, an on-campus half-day symposium, to promote the latest and greatest brain-related science from the UCSB community. The speakers will include newly-hired faculty members, as well as post-doctoral fellows. The topics will be contemporary and diverse, and were selected to highlight opportunities for collaboration and multidisciplinary research in the brain sciences at UCSB. The talks will describe research approaching the brain at different scales: from high-level human navigation in virtual reality, to neural network recording using light-sheet and two-photon imaging, down to novel molecular and genetic probes at the subcellular level. The Showcase promises to be fascinating and engaging to anyone who is interested in the brain, and will serve as a forum to bring together the wider community of brain-related researchers on campus. It is often challenging for scientists from different disciplines to interact, and the hope of the SAGE Junior Fellows is that the Showcase will mark a jumping off point for many new collaborations and research opportunities.

In addition, Professor Jean Carlson (Physics) will share her experience on collaborative brain research in UCSB, and there will be a special SAGE talk on the multisensory science of food and dining. The speakers will be  Charles Spence, professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, and Chef Jozef Youssef, an authority in the field of multisensory gastronomy and gastrophysics, leading London’s most highly acclaimed Michelin star restaurants.

Further, the showcase will mark the beginning of the 2019 SAGE Brain Lunches. This bi-weekly event (every other Thursday) provides a welcoming interdisciplinary environment for postdocs and faculty to discuss new ideas, present new research, get real-time feedback from scientists with complementary expertise. The only requirement for attendance is an open mind and participation!

Everyone with an interest in brain research is invited to the Kavli BRAIN Showcase, Friday, January 18th, 2019 from 12-6pm, and should RSVP to cmtaylor@ucsb.edu.


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