Dhananjay Thakur



Dhananjay Thakur is interested in understanding how our brains integrate information at the cellular and circuit level. In parallel, he is developing molecular tools which would be useful in investigating these processes. Dhananjay initially trained in physics and then did research in electrical engineering in the private sector. After this, with the view of developing neural interfaces, he pursued a master’s thesis on designing probes for neuronal imaging. At this point he decided that to build effective tools for neuroscience he would have to train deeper in biology. He devoted his Ph.D. training, under the guidance of Professor Michael X. Zhu at UTHealth, into obtaining an understanding of receptor and ion channel pathways that regulate brain function. In his PhD work, he explored mechanisms by which a select few ion channels function as coincidence sensors. With Professor Craig Montell, he is now developing molecular tools for manipulating neuronal activity. He is also dissecting the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which vision and smell are integrated in the fly brain.