Sage Junior Research Fellowships

The SAGE Junior Fellows Program supports the intellectual development of early-career UCSB postdoctoral scholars across the University. Fellows form a group bound by a common pursuit: to understand the mind and brain through a variety of complementary disciplines. Fellows form a close community through luncheons, meetings with SAGE visiting scholars and speakers, and quarterly presentations of their scholarship. Fellows each receive a credit that can be used to: support novel or high-risk scholarly pursuits or collaborations; organize an interdisciplinary symposium/workshop on a topic of the mind/brain; develop a series of public events; or enable an undertaking of the Fellow’s choice. Fellowships are awarded on a 1-year basis, with the possibility to extend to 2 years based on achievement demonstrated in Year 1.

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Alex Schlegel

Alex Schlegel was a Junior Fellow from 2015-16. Dr. Schlegel is interested in how the human brain supports the rich mental space underlying creative, flexible behaviors such as artistic, scientific, and mathematical thought.  He received Bachelors degrees in physics, mathematics, and chemistry from NC State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from Arizona State University.  His PhD work in cognitive neuroscience at Dartmouth College focused on large scale neural networks that enable the flexible construction and manipulation of mental imagery.  He also investigated neural plasticity in long term learning processes and the neural bases of volition and consciousness experience.  Alex's concurrent artistic work uses computational processes, electronics, and traditional materials to enable the direct experience of normally hidden patterns and processes in the environment. After his SAGE fellowship, Alex joined Vicarious where he is working toward giving machines high level cognitive abilities such as imagination.

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