Sage Junior Research Fellowships

The SAGE Center Junior Fellowship Program, established in 2011, fosters interdisciplinary research in the study of brain-mind interaction at the postdoctoral level. In addition to developing research programs in close collaboration with individual faculty, Junior Fellows enjoy special privileges, including access to visiting SAGE scholars and attendance at regular group meetings to collaborate and share information about the role of psychology, cognitive neuroscience, economics, political science, anthropology, biology, physics, engineering, the arts, philosophy and other disciplines on the study of brain, mind and behavior.

Matthew Gervais

Matthew Gervais received a PhD in Anthropology from UCLA and a BS in Psychobiology and Philosophy, with a certificate in Evolutionary Studies (EvoS), from Binghamton University, SUNY. His research is broadly concerned with the evolution of human social relationships and the psychological mechanisms that support them, mixing methods from anthropology, biology, psychology, and economics. In his fieldwork in Yasawa, Fiji, Matthew studies the structure and functions of social sentiments, sharing norms, social networks, and risk management strategies. His research in the US focuses on subclinical psychopathy as a model of strategic social behavior. He has also published on moral parochialism, the functions and phylogeny of emotions, and social interaction. Currently Matthew is Assistant Director of the Human Generosity Project and a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers.

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