Graduate Student Fellowships

Matthew Cieslak

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Advisor: Scott T. Grafton

I am interested in how action is represented in the brain, particularly in the dynamics of networks that support the development and execution of expert motor skills. I also enjoy researching and applying machine learning based analyses to neuroimaging data.

Rachel Grillot

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Advisor: James Roney

I am interested in investigating human mating psychology from an evolutionary perspective.  I am currently studying the behavioral endocrinology of human courtship interactions and the relationship between body shape and female physical attractiveness across cultures.

Nikki Marinsek

Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Dynamical Neuroscience

Advisor: Mike Miller

Personal website:

I am interested in the processes that allow us to create a coherent view of our world, such as high-order inference making, hypothesis formation, causal attribution, and the interpretation of ambiguity or conflict. I am interested in identifying the brain networks that support these processes and, secondly, understanding the dynamics of these processes in healthy and patient populations.


Benjamin Mooneyham

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Advisor: Jonathan Schooler

I am currently engaged in research which examines the factors that influence the subjective experience of duration.  Additionally, I am  interested in identifying the perceptual and cognitive effects that may emerge under circumstances of inaccurate time perception.

Celeste Pilegard

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Advisor: Rich Mayer

I am interested in the relationship between metacognitive skillfulness and educational achievement. That is, how much do people know about what they know, and how can that help them as students? My current focus is investigating the conditions that affect the accuracy of knowledge judgments.

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