SAGE Publications, Inc. Pledges Continued Support for the UCSB SAGE Center Visiting Scholar Program

May 31, 2016

The SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind is happy to announce the philanthropic support of SAGE Publications, Inc. for the SAGE Visiting Scholar Program through the 2020-21 academic year. Via the SAGE Visiting Scholar Program, the SAGE Center fulfills its mission of fostering the study of brain, mind and behavior by bringing the top researchers and practitioners--from a broad array of disciplines and from around the world--to UC Santa Barbara. These scholars give public lectures—for which total annual attendance exceeds 1500—and interact with faculty, postdoctoral scholars, students and community members. The interdisciplinary work at the SAGE Center offers far-reaching explanations of human phenomena, such as social interactions, stress, conflict resolution, decision making, consumer economics, criminality, and much more.

SAGE Publications has also pledged an additional contribution to the extant SAGE Center endowment. This pledge will, in time, create a sustainable funding source for the SAGE Center. Per Michael Gazzaniga, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences and Director of the SAGE Center, "UCSB and the greater research community are indebted to SAGE Publications for its continued support of the SAGE Center. For many scientists, engineers, humanists and artists, the study of the brain and mind is a 'frontier' for discovery and creativity, for settling many questions about what it means to be human. We couldn't be more thrilled with the enduring support of SAGE Publications, which has been a friend to us and UCSB for years."