News for April 2011

The Sage Center and The Law and Neuroscience Project publish "A Judge's Guide to Neuroscience"

The Law and Neuroscience Project and the SAGE Center for the Study of Mind published A Judge's Guide to Neuroscience:  A Concise Introductionedited by Michael Gazzaniga, in 2010. The book contains chapters by Michael Gazzaniga, Scott Grafton, Kent Kiehl, Read Montague, Marcus Raichle, Adina Roskies, Anthony Wagner, and others. An introduction to the book is available here.

Pandora Musicologist Nolan Gasser Visits Sage Center

Nolan Gasser, composer, pianist, musicologist, and architect of Pandora Radio’s Music Genome Project was the Sage Visiting Scholar during February 2011, delivering four lectures and one performance on such topics as “Music, Science, and the Art of Living” and “Speculum Mundi: Music as a Reflection of Culture.” A description of his visit appeared in the Santa Barbara Independent.

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